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Custom Vulcanized Corners

This guide is intended to give design engineers the basic facts needed to begin the process of designing effective rubber seals, gaskets and weather stripping. It is not intended to provide every piece of information available on the process or extrusion, the amount of information available is simply too great. However, it should serve as a starting point and give engineers the necessary information to better understand what they will need to consider during the design process.

Trim-Lok offers custom corners to meet any customer's specifications.  Corners can be fabricated into a variety of configurations through molding, hot splicing, or cold bonding. 

Molded corners yield the ultimate corner.  Rubber is injected under high pressure to bond the two pieces into a complete corner.

Hot splicing uses a similar method to molding.  However, hot splicing bonds the corner extrusions by "buttering" the ends with a liquid rubber adhesive and heat curing the parts into a complete corner.

Cold splicing seals the two ends by applying an air cured adhesive to create a complete corner. 








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