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Carpet Edge Trim

A transition strip for RV slide-outs or a boat carpet trim

Carpet-to-Carpet Transition Strip

Need to finish up your boat carpeting projects? Ensure you properly seal your carpet edge to your interior boat wall using a carpet edge trim from Trim-Lok. Trim-Lok's carpet trim stays in place using a 3M™ acrylic automotive-grade foam tape with peel-off liner—and it provides an attractive, decorative finish that compliments your new carpet.

What is a carpet edge strip?

Carpet edge trim is a flexible PVC trim designed to run along the edge of carpet to prevent frays and provide a clean, finished look on your boat. Industries that benefit from rubber carpet edge trim include boating and marine, as well as the RV and camper industry.

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Rubber Carpet Edge Trim Applications

Common applications for carpet edge trim can include:

  • Transitioning between carpet and other flooring: Trim pieces bridge the carpet and provide a clean transition between carpet and tile, wood, etc. Transition strips for RV slide-outs are a common use case.
  • Securing seams between carpet runs: Edge trim screwed into the floor secures adjacent carpet sections.
  • Framing inset carpet areas: Decorative plastic trim frames inset carpet sections and creates defined edges.
  • Finishing exterior carpet edges: Outdoor carpeting on porches, RV steps, trailers, etc. can be bound with trim to prevent unraveling.
  • Protecting high-traffic carpet edges: Trim placed along frequently used doors, hallways, and transitions helps prevent wear and fraying at carpet edges.

Boat Carpet Trim Benefits

Finishing a boat carpet installation project with carpet edge trim provides several benefits:

  • Gives boat floors a clean look
  • Secures or seals the carpet’s edge to the interior wall of the boat
  • Covers any dangerous edges or fiberglass in the marine industry
  • Prevents any wear and tear on the flooring transition points – your carpet edge stays in good shape for longer


Why Trim-Lok Carpet Edge Trim?

Unlike some types of floor edging that require tools for installation, carpet trim from Trim-Lok has fast and easy installation. Simply remove the peel-off liner and place it over any carpet edge trim. Like all Trim-Lok products, the carpet edge strip’s ease of use and dependability makes it stand out among the competition.

Order your carpet edge trim now or contact us to discuss a custom solution for your application.

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