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Contoured Foam Hand Grips

Rubber hand grips for bicycles and motorcycles

Fitness, Bicycle, or Motorcycle Hands Grips

Trim-Lok’s buffed and contoured foam tubing provides a soft-touch, no-slip grip that feels comfortable in your hand. Both our foam hand grips and rubber hand grips are popular choices that don’t wear down or compromise on aesthetics or comfort, no matter your desired use.

Hand Grip Applications

Made in a variety of styles, and with customization available, you’ll find the solution for almost any foam grip application in Trim-Lok’s extensive line of high-quality foam grips. Styles range from standard bicycle grips to contoured foam grips for motorcycles and other motorized vehicles with handles. Intended to reduce vibration while improving the look and feel of a variety of products, Trim-Lok has one of the largest selections of in-stock foam grips available anywhere online.

Fitness Hand Grips

Quality equipment is critical to increasing strength, endurance and flexibility. Trim-Lok’s foam hand grips are not only a durable solution for exercise equipment but also a comfortable way to improve the way athletes work out and stay fit.

Bicycle Hand Grips

Confidence and control starts with a solid grip on a bike’s handlebars. Whether you’re an OEM seeking an ergonomic, comfortable option for your high-quality product or a trail biking enthusiast looking for grips that match your riding style, Trim-Lok’s bicycle hand grips offer the look, feel and performance you need.

Motorcycle Hand Grips

Road and engine vibration can interrupt a good ride. With Trim-Lok’s motorcycle hand grips, you can reduce vibration while boosting your motorcycle’s comfort and style. We can work with you to find the right fit for your vehicle.

What material is used for grips?

Trim-Lok offers both NPVC foam tubing and EPDM rubber tubing as material options for our contoured foam hand grips. We offer our Style D9 product in soft density for those interested in flexibility.

Not all foam grips are created equal. Different foam and rubber tubing compounds are commonly used to produce hand grips with very different physical characteristics and properties. At Trim-Lok, our engineers spend significant time developing and testing materials that we guarantee will meet the unique needs of each and every client. 

NPVC Foam vs. EPDM Rubber

Although NPVC foam tubing is the standard in the industry, we also offer EPDM rubber tubing for those who may be interested in a better tactile feel and superior resistance in severe weather conditions. If you intend to primarily use your product outdoors in harsh weather, foam hand grips manufactured from EPDM rubber tubing is your best option. 

NPVC foam hand grips, on the other hand, are cost-efficient and perfect for use in situations where protection from the elements isn’t a requirement.

Learn More About Trim-Lok

Since 1971, Trim-Lok has been a leading supplier of plastic and rubber products, including contoured foam hand grips. With easy application, versatility, increased comfort, vibration absorption, insulation and durability, our contoured foam rubber hand grips are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. For more information about Trim-Lok’s customizable foam hand grips, request a sample or contact a local sales representative today.


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Style D3 Foam Hand Grip

Style D3 Foam Hand Grip

Buffed foam tubing with radius end cuts.


Style D7 Foam Hand Grip

Style D7 Foam Hand Grip

D7 contoured Buffed Foam Tubing is available in EPDM foam or NPVC foam for a better grip.


Style D8 Foam Hand Grip

Style D8 Foam Hand Grip

D8 contoured Buffed Foam Tubing is available in EPDM foam or NPVC foam for better grip.


Style D9 Foam Hand Grip

Style D9 Foam Hand Grip

D9 contoured Buffed Foam Tubing is available in EPDM or NPVC for better grip.