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Plastic Extrusion and Plastic Trim

A close-up image of three plastic extrusion products

Plastic Edge Trim Products

Trim-Lok’s plastic clips and plastic trim profiles are an economic and efficient way to finish an edge. Although ourclips and edge trims are the product of choice in automotive and transportation applications, Trim-Lok’s flexible edge trims are used for many functions and applications, including:

  • • Truck, van, or car edge trims
  • • Running boards
  • • Windows
  • • Plastic rain gutters
  • • Fender flares
  • • Truck bed covers
  • • Other risky, sharp edges
We make our PVC clips and plastic trim profiles from strong materials to ensure dependability. They are also completely safe and easy to install—in fact, our plastic trims require no fancy tools or skills for installation. We design our plastic clips with fast installation and secure holding in mind. Trim-Lok’s plastic clips are the best solution for your plastic edge trim needs.


Plastic Trim Edging We Carry

Our plastic edge trim inventory includes: fire-retardant to decorative edge trims and edge guards, carpet edge trim, upholstery J-clips, drip rail trim, Redi-Stik trim, lip guard, and Snap-In Seals. 

We can customize any of these products to meet the dimensions that you need. All our plastic edge trim products give your items a clean and safe appearance. Our decorative edge trim, lip guard, and Redi-Stik are manufactured with a decorative finish that helps them look good while they keep rough edges safe and secure. Whatever your application, you’ll find the plastic edge trim product you need in bulk at Trim-Lok.

Why Choose Trim-Lok Plastic Extrusion?

Since 1971, Trim-Lok has built up a reputation for excellence, innovation, and dependability. We make our products in the United States and hold ourselves to stringent materials standards. We are the number one dependable supplier of plastic and rubber products, including plastic clips and plastic trim profiles. 

Whether you’re trying to protect a rough or uneven edge, prevent carpet frays, hold upholstery tight to a seat frame, or avoid the time-consuming task of installing aluminum rain gutters, you can rely on us to help you find the right PVC clip or plastic trim edging to enhance your project.