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Plastic Trims & Edge Guards

Made of a durable PVC material, plastic trim edging is ideal for outdoor or automobile use

Types of Plastic Edge Trim

Our flexible edge trim is designed to cover rough surfaces and provide a decorative look safely and easily. Made of a durable PVC material, plastic trim edging is ideal for outdoor or automobile use. Cover anything from sharp edges and sheet metal to plywood and other materials. We manufacture several types of edge trim to meet our customers’ unique needs, including:

  • • Custom edge trim
  • • Decorative edge trim
  • • Edge guards
  • • Redi-Stik chrome trim
  • • Sewable upholstery trim

Why Trim-Lok Plastic Trim Edging?

Trim-Lok edge trim is effective in extreme weather and temperatures that range from -20°F to 158°F. We also offer custom sizes and fire-retardant edge trim options to provide the best possible solution for you. Our edge guard trims are easier to install than those of competitors. We proudly manufacture our products in the United States.

Flexible Edge Trim Applications

Customers use our edge trims for countless unique applications. Leverage our flexible, plastic edge trim products for protective and decorative applications, including:

  • • Van and car door edge guards
  • • Machinery guards
  • • Computer cabinets
  • • Playground equipment
  • • Hot tubs and spas
  • • Automobile seats, including cars and mass transit vehicles

How to Choose Your Custom Edge Trims

Ordering edge trim from Trim-Lok is simple. First, determine the thickness of your edge. Most of our edge trims are available in thicknesses that range from 1/64 to 1/2 inches; however, we can create a custom profile to fit your needs.

Next, select your preferred trim series and color, and choose a texture. From there, determine your order quantity based on the part’s minimum quantity per box and submit your edge trim order.

Need help during installation? Watch our helpful videos for demonstrations.

Build Custom Plastic Edge Trims

Edge Trim Custom
Trim-Lok’s Edge Trim product lines include edge trim & jumbo edge trim, size-ranged edge trim and fire-retardant edge trim.

Decorative Trim Edge Moulding

This graphic shows Trim-Lok’s decorative edge trim in the Mylar finish design.
Decorative edge trim combines our edge trim and decorative PVC trim with Mylar finish.

Edge Guard Trim & Plastic Edge Protection

close up view of three types of plastic edge protectors
Edge guard is a pre-glued, flexible PVC trim available in two sizes and a variety of finishes.


Redi Stik Black or Chrome
Redi-Stik is a flexible PVC trim with adhesive available in 2 widths and a variety of finishes.

Sewable Upholstery Trim

Sewable Upholstery Trim
Sewable upholstery trim is a flexible PVC trim with sewable non-break material allowing fabric to be sewn to it.

Fender Flare Edge Trim

Fender Flare Edge Trim

Trim-Lok's Fender Flare Trim is an ozone-resistant EPDM rubber that mounts between the flare and the body. 3M automotive-grade tape creates a solid bond between both surfaces.


Adhesive Fender Flare (DD6234BT)

Adhesive Fender Flare (DD6234BT)

Made of EPDM dense rubber, peel-and-stick fender flare installs without any drilling or bolting.


Rubber-Lok: Plastic Edge Trim that Simulates Rubber

Rubber-Lok: Plastic Edge Trim that Simulates Rubber

Rubber-Lok simulates rubber, and individual internal metal clips provide a secure grip.


Rubber Edge Trim & Molding

Rubber Edge Trim & Molding

Rubber edge trim is a highly flexible trim made of dense neoprene rubber. You can use edge trim for sheet metal or sharp edges. It is available in black.