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Edge Trims for Workplace and Classroom Safety Equipment

plastic edge trim for classroom PPE solutionsPersonal protective equipment is more important than ever as schools, retailers, labs and offices try to make spaces safe to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Back-to-school supplies now include air purifiers, Plexiglass student desk dividers, masks and sneeze guards.

PPE for schools and workplaces is intended to keep people as safe and healthy as possible. Physical barriers or panel-based desks meet recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Trim-Lok’s edge trims and seals help connect partitions, dividers or barriers to provide protection with a high-quality seal. See how our products can be applied to classroom safety equipment and other PPE meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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How to Use Classroom Dividers with Edge Trim

Whether you need to fabricate classroom desk dividers, safety face shields for teachers and staff or partitions for school offices, you can rely on our trims and seals for protection, a reliable grip and a finished edge.

KTM Solutions leveraged our plastic edge trims to firmly clip clear partitions together for use between student desks. Edge trim creates a tight, high-quality connection between the Plexiglass panes. This barrier serves as a layer of defense against airborne virus particles when it is not possible to maintain six feet of physical distance.

Student desk dividers use edge trim to help prevent the spread of COVID-19
KTM Solutions uses Trim-Lok plastic edge trims to create classroom dividers with a tight, high-quality connection between Plexiglass panes. The dividers serve as an added layer of defense for students against airborne virus particles.

Reopen More Safely with PPE Solutions

Find out how to use our trims and seals for your application:

  • •  Plastic edge trim – Create protection by clipping two pieces together, such as student desk dividers.
  • •  Rubber edge trim – Use for protection, such as at the base of a free-standing hand sanitizing station, Plexiglass shields or countertop barriers for retail workers.
  • •  Rubber seals – Protect any edge or substrate where it could rub against another object, such as on a face shield. For rubber seals that will come into contact with the face or skin, we can utilize a special compound that is safe for skin contact.
  • •  Trim seals – Use where a classroom divider or plastic partition needs protection from a rough edge or compression from another partition, door or wall.
  • Choose our antimicrobial plastic and antimicrobial sponge rubber for an added element of protection when crafting your PPE solution.

    Trim-Lok Offers High-Quality Trims & Seals

    Trim-Lok’s plastic edge trim, rubber edge trim, rubber seals and trim seals offer solutions for schools, hospitals, retail stores, labs and other workplaces. We can help you find the edge trim or seal that is right for your application. Shop our edge trim products now to connect and seal your PPE safety equipment.

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