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Fender Flare Edge Trim (X1663BT)

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About This Fender Flare Trim

Fender flare trim, measuring .379” x .273” x.125”.

Trim-Lok’s Fender Flare Trim mounts between the fender flare and the body to protect your vehicle by minimizing vibrations and gaps. Made of an ozone-resistant EPDM edge trim dense rubber, this fender flare molding is flexible enough to fit most fender flares. A 3M automotive grade peel-n-stick tape creates a solid bond between both surfaces.

Trim-Lok’s fender flare edge trim is easily attached before the fender flare is installed against the body of the car or truck. Whether you need to replace your worn-out fender flare molding or you're replacing your fender flares, fender molding trim helps the fender flare fit tightly against the vehicle body to minimize vibration, reduce gaps and provide an attractive finish.

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Price: $461.50

Part Number: X1663BT

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Fender Flare Gasket Specs

Description Trim-Lok’s Fender Flare Trims come in a specially designed shape made from custom-formulated EPDM rubber compound. Fender flare trim gives your fender flares an attractive finish and protects them against wear and tear, stone chips, and the elements. 

Manufactured with EPDM rubber that mounts between the flare and body, Trim-Lok's Fender Flare Trim creates a solid bond between two surfaces. Since 1971, Trim-Lok has been the number one supplier of rubber seal products, including fender flare trim, fender trim molding, and fender guards.

Learn more about fender flare edge trims, and explore the industries that Trim-Lok’s off-the-shelf and custom-extruded products support.
Resistance to
  • Ozone – Excellent
  • Water Absorption  Excellent
  • Sunlight Aging  Excellent
  • Low Temperature – Excellent
  • Compression Set  Good
General Temp. Rating -20°F to 158°F
Compression Rating Recommended 25% compression for the maximum performance.
Flammability and Code Compliance Download the FMVSS 302
Download the UL50
This (component or material) is recognized by UL. Representative samples of this component have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable UL requirements.
Adhesive Options
  • "BT" Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: The 3M Bonded Tape System enables you to achieve the ultimate bond to the rubber and the ultimate bond to the substrate. This tape option creates a moisture barrier and air-tight seal. With the highest peel-and-sheer resistance, the 3M Bonded Tape System can be used under high loads of stress and force. It has low initial tack for easy repositioning during installation and needs 72 hours of cure time to come to full-bond strength. It is rated for good heat performance between -20°F to 158°F.
  • "HT" Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: The Standard Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive option for your seal is an acrylic-based adhesive. It works best when used to hold the seal in place while installing in a static application or when it’s compressed between two stationary objects. It may be used in some light-duty dynamic 
View the Rubber Seal Spec Sheet

How to Install Our Fender Molding Trim

Not sure how to install your fender flare gasket and need to see an example? Watch the video to learn how to install our fender molding trim.

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