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Contact: Vanda Barcelos
Address: 6855 Hermosa Circle
             Buena Park, CA 90622
Phone: 714-562-0500 ext. 1185 (8 am to 5 pm PST)

Buena Park, CA - Trim-Lok, Inc. has once again broken the mold and launched their brand new website! Built from the ground up Trim-Lok is now providing their customers with more options and tools than ever before to properly build and choose the perfect trim or seal for your application.

“Trim-Lok was the first to offer an interactive, build a part system through the internet. With the help of customer feedback we have not only rebuilt the product but we will continue to strive to provide innovative ways to assist our customer’s, all in an effort to provide the best customer service possible for our customers” commented Dan Whitener, Marketing and New Product Development Manager.

Trim-Lok has revamped their “product builders” so customers no longer have to worry about sorting through hundreds of variations of the same part. You just simply have to choose the appropriate fit dimensions, colors, and any other design cue offered in the product builder. Not sure exactly what you need? No problem, Trim-lok has now provided its customers with installation videos on all of their major product lines. These videos take you through a step by step walk through of how to design the proper trim or seal into you application as well as the proper installation. These videos are conveniently located in a tab on the product page. Among those tabs, customers can find a myriad of information ranging from Trim-Lok’s new Catalog 600 to product spec. sheets and engineering data. If you need to make sure you have the correct part, simply request a sample and within a few working days you will have a sample of your part to test on your application.

The website has been designed to provide a customer with all the their order history such as pricing, shipping , purchase order information and the ability to associate the customer’s part number to Trim-lok’s throughout the ordering process. The website also offers time saving re-order capabilities for returning customers as the website retains a history of the parts each customer has purchased.

“We had two goals in mind with the new site, we wanted to give the customer a larger range of products and options, but not flood them with list and lists of parts. Secondly we wanted to make sure that customers kept coming back to use the system. I think we have accomplished that, but that does not mean we are close to being done. We are always looking for and creating new ways for the customer to use the website… there are some big things on the horizon.” commented Matthew Gomez, Web Development Engineer.

If you have any design or ordering questions, Trim-Lok’s knowledgeable staff stands ready to answer questions and assist customers in choosing the appropriate parts by calling toll-free 1-888-874-6565.