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Console of a boat with edge trim and molding

Boat Edge Trims & Seals for the Marine Industry

Boat hatch seal on a private recreational boat

Are you looking for boat carpet trim, hatch seals, or boat rubber trim for your watercraft? Find the boat parts and accessories you need in Trim-Lok’s collection of window seals, rubber trim seals, and edge trims.

Personal & Recreational Boats

Personal and recreational watercrafts, such as canoes, sailboats, kayaks and motorboats, require routine maintenance and repairs. Many boat owners make improvements to seal out water, add decorative edging to enhance appearance or secure carpet, and cover rough fiberglass edges.

Trim-Lok offers boat parts and accessories for a variety of solutions:

  • • Boat rubber trim seals for windows, deck hatches, and storage compartments
  • • Edging for cabin doors and rough fiberglass
  • Boat carpet trim for where fiberglass meets carpet
  • • Drip rails for water gutter application in engine compartments

Boat Window Seals

EPDM locking gasket for boat window seal Are you looking for the right waterproof boat stationary window seal? Our EPDM locking gaskets are designed to resist severe weather, sunlight, pressure, and aging. Use our locking gasket installation tools to easily install locking gasket marine weather stripping on your boat window or hatch. 


Boat Hatch Parts & Trim Molding

Weather strip and protect your boat from rain, wind, cold or heat—and give it a finished look using Trim-Lok’s PVC plastic trim with attached EPDM sponge rubber tubing. Explore custom rubber trim seals, ideal for boat hatch seals and boat trim molding, or customize your own boat hatch seal with our hatch seal product builder.

Boat Edge Trim Clips

Are you looking for a more secure grip for your boat console molding? Our Rubber-Lok trim feature black PVC plastic that simulates the look and feel of rubber, and individual internal metal clips retain the permanent grip you need.

Replaceable Handle Grip

Are there any handles or bars on your boat you’d like to ensure a firm grip on? Explore our replaceable grip wrap and tape to prevent slips.

Commercial Boats

Trim-Lok’s collection of trims and seals extends to the commercial boat industry. Whether you need boat edge trim for a vessel engaged in commercial trade or marine weather stripping for a passenger ferry, landing craft, tugboat and more, we can supply a product that meets your needs. 


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