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Rubber Seals & Gaskets for OEM Manufacturing Applications

Are you a manufacturer looking for industrial rubber seal parts for your business? Explore the diverse applications of Trim-Lok’s products in the manufacturing industry, including industrial rubber seals, gaskets and other OEM parts.

EPMD locking gaskets for soundproof window seals

Sound Enclosure Parts for the Manufacturing Industry

EPDM Locking Gaskets: Stationary Window Seals

Locking gaskets can be used by OEMs as stationary window seals on sound enclosures. Put a window in your enclosure using a locking gasket that holds the glass in place on a door or wall. Windows installed with these industrial rubber seals allow you to see into the enclosure without sacrificing the characteristics of your enclosure.

General Manufacturing Parts

Tubing and Ring Cord Stock (O-rings)

A foundation of seal design, Trim-Lok’s tubing and ring cord stock resists petroleum products, a diverse range of chemicals, UV light, and the ozone, and they can be used in static or dynamic settings with relative motion between the parts and the O-ring.

Rubber Lid Seals

Protect your manufacturing equipment using rubber lid seals built for heavy-duty applications. Lid seals aare capable of protecting from noise, dust, moisture, and vibration at a professional level.

Industrial Adhesive

An industrial-strength glue, cyanoacrylate adhesives can professionally bind plastic, rubber, and metal parts together. Integrate it into your industrial manufacturing production line when using edge trims, trim seals, rubber seals and more.

PVC plastic edg trim for furniture, boats, playground equipment and more

Edge Trim

Do you manufacture industrial equipment, machinery, furniture, auto or truck parts, boats, golf carts, helmets, riding mowers, electrical enclosure cabinets, or playground equipment? Trim-Lok’s many sizes of PVC plastic edge trim for metal edges strongly grips whatever you’re protecting or decorating. It’s resilient against sunlight, water, and the ozone.

Replaceable Grip Wrap and Tape

Do you have industrial or fitness equipment with bars or handles in need of a better grip? Explore our replaceable grip wrap and tape to prevent slips.


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